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Animation Productions

All the films discussed here are in production and have been produced independently as animated shorts. All rights are available except US rights on “Eyes of Karras”. For more information.

Artists in Schools

We also offer exciting animation and cartoon workshops for schools.

Books Available

This page shows the books that have been published and can be ordered by contacting the publishers direct with the links below.
Cyril's New Flower
Cyril's New Parrot
Cyril's Bad Day
The Animator's Guide to 2D Computer Animation.

The DangerSpot Books series:

The Hair-Raising Kite Flight
Fire in the Fryer
The Dangerous Pirate Treasure
The Dangerously Big Bunny
A Dangerous Day on the Farm
The Dangerous Road Game
Stranger Dangers
A Dangerous Christmas
The Deadly Sweet Cupboard
A Nasty Shock
The Harey Bike Ride
A Harey Day at the Seaside
The Harey Chat Room
The Hot Cross Bunny
A Touch Too Much
What A Waste!
The Harey Football Match


These are a list of different productions commissioned by SFTV or Open Mind Productions for Channel 4 and BBC schools television.

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