Over 100 animated shorts produced from 1989 to 2002 were commssioned for BBC and Channel 4 Schools Television. They were all hand drawn artwork using Animo computer software. Although in the past the BBC has been very schoolwise BBC and Channel 4 Schools Television have cut back on their schools' programmes.

BBC “Storytime”.

BBC “Words and Pictures” and “Words and Pictures Plus”.

BBC “Writing and Pictures”.

BBC “Les Aventures de Globo”.

BBC   Stop,Look,Listen: “the Arts Cart”.

BBC “You and Me”.

BBC title sequence for “The Worm That Turned”.

BBC title sequence for “Watch”.

BBC “On the Move” in 1978.

BBC “Vision On”.

BBC “Numbertime” - episode 10, november 29th 1993.

Channel 4 “Maths Mansion”.

Channel 4 “Word Machine”.

Channel 4 “Rat-A-Tat-Tat ”.

“The Eyes of Karras”, an independent film which was sold to ORF, Austrian TV, won Best Children's Film at The Nashville Film Festival in 2000.

As well as many tv commercials both in the UK and abroad.

Cyril and his flower 5 is the number Frog in Winter Writing and Pictures swan
Ridiculous Cyril's Parrot Skeleton Dance, from the Arts Cart Owls Maths Machine