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'Fire in the Fryer' book 'The Hair-Raising Kite Flight' book 'The Dangerous Pirate Treasure' book 'A Dangerous Day on the Farm' book 'The Dangerous Road Game' book 'The Dangerously Big Bunny' book 'Stranger Dangers' book 'A Dangerous Christmas' book 'The Deadly Sweet Cupboard 'A Nasty Shock' book 'The Harey Bike Ride' book 'A Harey Day at the Seaside' book 'The Harey Chat Room' book 'A Touch Too Much' book 'The Hot Cross Bunny' book 'What a Waste!' book 'The Harey Football Match' book

Published by Lutterworth Press

'Cyril's New Parrot' book 'Cyril's Bad Day' book 'Cyril's New Flower' book

Published by Focal Press

The Animator's Guide to 2D Computer Animation

Published by Children's Moral Stories

Nunsdrakka's Child and Other Stories Krystallhval and the Berserkers and Other Stories